Tuesday, 16 September 2014


          Clinical interventions done during the month                                                                                                                                                                                         


Hindu Farm Pump

Reported dragging a post on which wedge snare wire had been anchored following snaring neck. It had anchored again on a tree and appeared to be tethered there. Had regurgitated ingesta from the nostrils
Darted with 6mgs Etorphine and 50mgs Azaperone. It was tight as it kept straining trying to release itself. It was quickly manually handled and loosened the snoop to avoid suffocation. It was revived using 24mgs Diprenorphine into jugular vein.
Jua Kari
Eland -Male

Rescued a male eland calf after it was abandoned in the bush and followed Masai cattle. It is under observation at Naivasha Vet Unit compound waiting release.

Mundui Estate
Zebra & dam-Females
Traumatic Injury

 Rescued a female zebra foal after it survived hyena attack. She is under treatment at Naivasha Vet Unit compound together with her dam. She will be released in less than two weeks

Mundui Estate/Crater Lake corridor

 Attempted to desnare a male buffalo at Mundui Estate/Crater Lake corridor but terrain proved a challenge. It will be desnared once it resurfaces

Oserian/Kongoni Corridor
2 Zebras-Adult Female & Female Foal

Desnared a female zebra at Oserian/Kongoni corridor and also treated a female foal which had a traumatic wound on the mid left hoof. Wound was cleaned using Hydrogen Peroxide and Iodine. It was smeared with Healing Oil and Tetracycline wound spray was applied topically. Adult had no resultant wound.

Darted foal using 2mgs Etorphine and 20mgs Azaperone. Injected with 3000mgs Tetracycline and 20ml Multivitamin Into muscles. 30mgs Ivermectin admimistered subcutaneously and 100ml Pyrethrin pour on applied. It was revived using 6mgs Diprenorphine into jugular vein. Adult was darted using 5mgs Etorphine and 60mgs Azaperone. Wire was severed using wire cutter and revived using 24mgs Diprenorphine into jugular vein.
Naivasha Maximum Prison

Rescued a female zebra which had plunged into a manhole. The manhole was about eight feet deep. Quickly the sling was placed around the chest by person who went down the pit. It was pulled out and quick examination undertaken to establish the integrity of the limb bones. All were ok despite swelling and reddish coloration due to struggle
Was immobilized using 4mgs Etorphine and 40mgs Azaperone. It was loaded into the pickup and taken to Game Farm where it was released in front of others. The bruised limbs were sprayed with Tetracycline wound spray and it was injected with 12mgs Dexamethasone into muscle. It was revived using 12mgs Diprenorphine intravenously

Green Park
Buffalo Calf-Female

Carried out a postmortem on a female buffalo at Green Park after it survived a leopard attack but succumbed to head injury probably gotten during the encounter

It could not get up or move. Eyes were reddish due to hemorrhage from the brain where it had also occurred
Kongoni Game Valley

Noted with swollen bottle jaw and pot belly. It was injected with 40mgs Ivermectin subcutaneous, 7500mgs Tetracycline and 30ml Multivitamin intramuscular. 100ml Pyrethrin was applied as pour on
Darted using 3mgs Etorphine and 30mgs Azaperone. It was revived using 12mgs Diprenorphine intravenously.
Traumatic Wound

Reported lame on the right fore limb. Lameness was caused by wound around coronet area and hoof laterally. Wound was cleaned using Hydrogen Peroxide and Iodine. It was smeared with Healing Oil and sprayed with Tetracycline wound spray.
Immobilized using 5mgs Etorphine and 50mgs Azaperone. Was injected with 15000mgs Tetracycline and 50ml Multivitamin intramuscular. 80mgs Ivermectin was administered subcutaneously and 200ml Pyrethrin Pour on was topically applied. Was revived using 24mgs Diprenorphine into jugular vein.

Lake Naivasha North Public Beach
Hippo Calf-Female

Had been spotted inside trench about 100 meters from lake Naivasha shore where the cow was. Calf was less than 24 hours old and expressed need to suckle.
It was picked manually and taken to the off shore where the mother was after the mother was scared away using boat. It was left for the mother to pick it up later. The dam picked it after an hour

Game Farm-KWSTI

Reported being lame on the left fore limb. Observation suggested revealed that it had a fracture on the humerus. Palpation after darting revealed compound fracture.
Darted using 4mgs Etorphine and 40mgs Azaperone. It was euthanized using 2000mgs Sodium Pentobarbitone into jugular vein.
Naivasha Vet Unit Clinic
Zebra Foal-Male
Review of traumatic injury

After surviving hyena attack he sustained wound on the left gluteal area and was the third time to be treated. Was manually held. Wound had granulated and formed scab.
Wound was cleaned with Hydrogen Peroxide and later Iodine. One tube Amoxicillin cream was infiltrated into fissure and Tetracycline wound spray liberally applied. It was to be reviewed after four days.

Green park
Zebra Foal-Male

Was reported having alopecic areas on the neck and flanks. It was scratching against objects due to irritation. They were instructed to knapsack spray every week once with cypermethrin
It was held manually and 40mgs Ivermectin injected subcutaneously. Same wound be repeated after five days for three more times.
Malewa Bay

Reported to have plunged down the gorge near the gate and unable to get up. Was found on right lateral recumbence. Was placed on sternal recumbence but could not get up despite being aware and alert.
Examination revealed that she was emaciated and old depicted by worn out teeth and general alopecia. She was euthanized using 4000mgs Sodium Pentobarbitone into jugular vein.
Aquila Farm

Spotted limping on the left hind limb. Lameness was due to wedge snare wire around the fetlock joint resulting to flesh raw traumatic wound. The snare snoop was loosened and taken off the limp.
Immobilized using 6mgs Etorphine and 50mgs Azaperone. Wound was cleaned with Hydrogen peroxide and Iodine. It was sprayed using Tetracycline wound spray, 30000mgs Amoxicillin and 50mgs Multivitamin Intramuscularly while 80mgs Ivermectin was administered under the skin. 200ml 0f Pyrethrin was applied topically.
Great Rift Valley

Invaded staff canteen area. Was aggressive attacking staff who were going shopping. Naivasha PAC Team had attempted to get rid of it but due to nature of settlement it was impossible. It was darted at night and recovered after which it was euthanize
Darted using 10mgs Etorphine and 100mgs Azaperone. It was euthanized because of the danger it posed to staff using 4000mgs Sodium Pentobarbitone into jugular vein. It was disposed into carcass pit outside residential area
Wileli House

Reported to have invaded a bush near the road causing interference with traffic flow and fear. It was flashed using thunder flash and it forced its way through the fence into Hindu Farm

Translocations done during the month

Crater Lake Community
Capture & Translocation

Captured a male python at Crater Lake community area after it killed a sheep. It was found in process of ingesting it.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Released a male python at Lake Nakuru National Park

Kiangazi Oserian

 Carried out a recce on possible capture and translocation of Male Ostrich at Kiangazi Lodge after it turned aggressive. It will be released at Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary where it came from to join others

Capture and Translocation

It was darted using 5mgs Etorphine and 100mgs Ketamine. It was repeated with same after 30minutes after showing signs of wobbling. It didn’t go down despite wobbling. Efforts to direct it into erected net failed after several attempts. It was captured by holding tail and pinning it manually. This was after about three hours. It was revived using 40mgs Naltrexone into wing vein.
It was loaded into canter and transported to Sanctuary. All along temperature was controlled by liberally dowsing with water. Also it was breathing with open mouth and kept head up. It was left on sternum on release to get up on its own.